Flame Retardants

Flame Retardants
Flame Retardants
Flame retardants offer a hidden layer of protection, never seen but always there when the need arises. We have a products, testing equipment and technical staff to help you achieve the desired performance for your article.

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An extensive range of flame retardants developed for textiles applied by various techniques. Halogen and non-halogen systems are available dependant on customer requirement and severity of flame retardant standard. Non-durable and fully wash durable systems are available.

Specialist technical support is offered through our laboratory, covering product development, process improvement, analytical and physical testing and bulk application advice.

FR treated fabrics are used in many end uses including: -upholstery, curtains, drapes, window blinds, carpets, furniture, automotive, trains, ships, buses, workwear and military.

Exhaust Application

Dyebath/exhaust applied range for wool, wool/nylon, leather and polyester.

Ease of application during the dyeing process or as after treatment.

Easily applied on conventional equipment, no special finishing route required.

Pad Application

Non-durable, semi durable and fully wash durable finishes for cotton, polyester and fibre blends. Easily applied on conventional machinery.

Industrial applications and additives

A selection of FR additives that can be used across several sectors. Textiles, wood, rubber and plastics.

Coating Application

Ready to use all in one compounds for back coating of all textile substrates.

Halogenated and halogen free systems available.

High concentration FR dispersions available to blend with customers preferred polymers.

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Flame Retardants