Evowet SS20

Evowet SS20 develops ultra-low surface tension enhancing the dispersion, absorption and transportation of the active ingredients into the plant. The spreading area on the plant leaf is greatly increased, especially on leaves with a waxy surface allowing a fast penetration of the active agrochemicals into the plants.

Aqueous solutions based on Evowet SS20 match or exceed the surface tension values of organo silicone surfactants such as Polywet 408. Using the adjuvant Evowet SS20 with the agro- chemical imparts resistance to rain allowing the agro-chemical to be applied during rainy days.

Evowet SS20 is fully compatible with the recommended hydrocarbon diluents and the typical emulsifier combination used in most agricultural concentrates as well as other adjuvants such ach mineral oil and vegetable oil emulsions and anionic marking dyes recommended.

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