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Acids/Buffers/Core Neutralisers

Fabric neutrilisation after alkaline pretreatment is an essential prerequisite for good dyeing.

Antifoam Agents

Foam formulation during a process is a challenge for the machine chemist and prevents good process results. Our Defoamer series is an excellent choice to overcome this.


Our Oxalase and Oxizyme range of enzymes are high quality and high activity to suit any textile process.


From tightly woven heavy weight GSM knitwear to very light open structured knit, we have a range of lubricants which are washable and render a soft hand feel to the substrate. Our Lubrimax range offer outstanding value and suitable for dyeing and finishing as well.

Peroxide killers/Stabilisers

Perquench and Oxistab range are our residual peroxide eliminators for trouble free dyeing and organic stabilisers for peroxide bleaching of whites.


Surfox range of speciality scouring auxiliaries are excellent choices for complete and easy removal of impurities from fabric.


These sequestering agents work as water softeners and complexing agents for the multivalent ions to safeguard the fabric from potential oxidative damages.

Wetting Agents

Wettings agents for specific application requirments.

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