Our range of printing thickeners, binders, cross linking agents, adhesives, ready to use pastes complement our auxiliary range for complete processing solutions.

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Thickeners and Rheology Modifiers

We offer various types of textile printing thickeners suitable for particular type of dye, substrate, weave and machine. All are designed to achieve finest details with vibrant colors and soft hand feel.


Oxiprint binders are used in pigment printing to fix the pigment with fibre and achieve required fastness and soft hand feel.

Cross Linking Agents

Highly concentrated cross linking agents to help the binders fix the colorants well with the substrates.

Digital Printing

All in one pre padding compounds for digital printing.


Oxidyne and Oxiplast range are solvent based adhesives for rotary flatbed and digital printing machines during printing blankets. Thy render tackiness to hold the fabric during the printing process and are water proof.

Oxipick 50 is designed to pick loose fibres from face of fabric to ensure smooth printing for heated roll type fluff removing devices.

Ready To Use Pastes

Ready to use printing pastes for high quality printing effects.


Complete range of AZO/APEO Free high tinctorial strength pigment for textile printing.
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